Brand Ambassador Wanted!


What is an LOULOU BABE Ambassador?

We are looking for enthusiastic babes who are active in their communities, love fashion and want to share their LOULOU & MALGOCIO style across multiple social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Blogs, YouTube, Snapchat). 

Apply by filling the form here

What's in for me?

Each ambassador will receive via e-mail a discount code of 20% to 30% to buy from our online shop, will get a FREE gift (clothes or shoes ) at every order they place and will have a personalised discount code of 10% to share it with their community across social media.

For every 3 sales made using their personalised discount code, they will receive another FREE gift (clothes or shoes). 


What should I do?

The ambassadors must promote LOULOU & MALGOCIO on their Social Media platforms, using unique content. All the posts must include our tags (@loulou.malgocio, #louloudivas, #iamlouloumalgocio) and be LOULOU BABE exclusive, meaning that no other brands should be promoted or tagged in the same post. 

We would like to see 4-5 posts per month, using different pictures in order to maintain your community updated with LOULOU & MALGOCIO clothes and with your personalized discount code.


Don't forget to be creative and unique! We can't wait to meet you!